For all women, young and old, family planning is very important. Having the ability to be able to plan when you want a pregnancy and when you don’t want it, is a basic right. In my opinion when women are truly independent and empowered in this aspect of their life we would have achieved true female liberation!

In the series of posts that will follow this one, I will try and explain the various options available for preventing a pregnancy, their advantages and disadvantages and a basic idea about how to use them.

The aim is to dispel some wrong notions and clarify certain controversial points.

First I begin by telling you about the full spectrum of choices available to couples**  to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

** i say couples because there are many methods which the male partner can use. As a couple you should be able to discuss these with him and many a times your partner may want to be the one to manage the contraception. So don’t be shy and talk about it!

So, what is contraception?

Contraception is any method that a couple uses to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. They can be natural, non hormonal or hormonal. We can also group them into male and female  contraception.

What are the various choices available to couples?

The following is a broad classification of contraceptive methods used all over the world:


In the next few posts i will discuss each of these individually.

It would be interesting to get your queries, concerns and experiences so that I can address some of them in the next post.

Till then – be safe!

Author: drnehagami

M.B.,B.S M.D. ( Obs and Gyne) D.N.B. ( Obs and Gyne ) M.R.C.O.G ( United Kingdom ) F.C.L.S ( India )

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